Thanks to the depth of experience and the breadth of connections of all involved with “Reporters”, the business has established a unique rapport with businesses throughout the MENA and GCC regions. This strategy plays a vital role in our success across three important areas:


Exclusive Job Opportunities:

New journalists attending training courses at “Reporters” are at a distinct advantage to their peers because of our in-depth knowledge of the employment market in the area and because of our direct contacts within organisations requiring qualified staff. We liaise directly with TV and production companies to identify their potential employment needs and are able to source suitable staff from within our graduate pool, meeting the needs of everyone involved.

TV Production:

“Reporters” has established a reputation for producing TV programmes of an exceptionally high standard which meet the needs and aspirations of target audiences. We rely on our combined experience to survey the needs of the production market, create ideas for new programmes and establish quality control criteria for productions. Some of the projects we have been involved in include: news content production, war and conflict zone news broadcast services, documentary films, corporate films, live and recorded TV news and feature shows, film and drama series production, advertorial, fillers and promotional videos, creative works and ID design and voice over talent and production.

Training & Development:

We are partners with some of the most prestigious Arab and international media training institutions and have developed trusted and reliable lines of communication. This enables us to offer an advanced level of expertise transfer, become familiar with new and challenging experiences, recruit experts and trainers who offer new and innovative perspectives and set up mechanisms for cooperation and joint development.

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Part of our ambitious remit is to foster the spread of information and knowledge amongst our professional peers. To achieve this we organise industry-focused conferences, seminars and workshops in order to promote the exchange of ideas, skills, best practice and experience among experts from the world of TV and affiliated professionals from all over the world.

We have participated in the organization of:
-   Arab Content Conference 2014, Amman, Jordan
-   Workshop for the Media Students of Canadian University of Dubai

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