Life Is A Story

  • Reporters story drive from passion and love for mastering details of a profession based on creativity and innovation; that’s exactly what distinguishes Reporters founders.
    Reporters Training And Production was established in 2011 by its founder Ahmed Al-Ibrahim who made his own careers in the most reputed Arab TV channels and leading companies in audio & visual media.
  • We are specialized in Press TV and an achieve mastery in all areas of media and advertising as a multi- activity company located in Dubai – U.A.E.
  • We work throughout the Middle East in cooperation with a group of professional partners.
  • Our strength lies in flexibility, creativity, multidisciplinary expertise and innovation.
  • We work professionally and efficiently; which provides high quality for any jobs or tasks we are developing.
  • We have a team of highly experienced professionals and experienced workers who are able to effectively achieve your goals.
                                                                                      As life is just a story, happy endings are our objective.

Work Principle

”Helping you listen and feel, and above all, see is our responsibility”
Joseph Conrad

Our Title

The title of Reporters has been selected in recognition of the important role of the reporter to provide information or news.

Motto Of Reporters

World In Focus
It summarizes Reporters beliefs and vision to develop media, advance its responsibilities towards society and produce works of clear and meaningful content as well as advertising it creatively and effectively.

Logo Of Reporters

Hoopoe is the symbol of Reporters, a bird that has been existed long time ago, considered a symbol of transmission of news and a basis of one of the most important media principles ( information accuracy ).
Reporters Hoopoe has five feathers; each of them symbolizes one of our activities and has a special color refers to this activity, they all meet in order to provide integrated solutions in audiovisual media.


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